Wednesday, May 18, 2016

« Visiting Basel / Weil am Rhein

FYI:  From May 18th to 25th, I'll be visiting Basel, Switzerland and Weil am Rhein, a small German town near Basel where Dr. S.A. moved. It's actually between three countries - Germany, Switzerland and France. Weil am Rhein is located on the border of German side, but both Swiss and French borders are within several kilometers away.
from Weil am Rhein - Dreiländerbrücke (Three countries bridge)

This is my first time but they say Weil am Rhein is a small but famous town of architectural designs, because a big furniture company Vitra is located on the north of the town, numbers of modern design buildings and statures are in the town.

A museum by Vitra is also there... it looks like Photon Laboratory (光子力研究所) in "Mazinger Z"...
from Vitra Design Museum

There is also a very modern fire station designed by Ms. Zaha Hadid, who designed that controversial 1st version of Japan National Stadium, but she passed away sadly.
Vitra Fire Station
This is the building made her a famous architect. Anyway, there will be plenty of weird modern buildings in the town, so I have to bring my camera.

I thought I missed baden in Zurich area, but there are some in Weil as well.
Dreiländerbad (Three countries bath) - Laguna Badeland GmbH
Everything is named as "dreiländer", three countries... but I am not sure whether we can attend a bathhouse. I will anyway carry my swimwear just in case so that I won't have to chop my PJ. Otherwise, I'm looking forward some opportunities for fine dining in French or Swiss side. Dr. S.A. told me the restaurants in Weil, German side, are Turkish kebab or something similar. I'm quite okay with Turkish though. ☺

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Nevertheless, after I wrote the above, the situation has been significantly changed all the sudden.
Well... see what happens out there.  itte kimasu.

During my absence, scheduled articles will be automatically posted but I may not be able to reply in a timely manner because of the difference of time zones and restrictions of Internet access. Apologize in advance.


  1. お気をつけて、行ってらっしゃいませ。それにしても、建築や泣かせの建物が一杯。わが町にも有名な建築屋さんが設計したと言う体育館とか、施設が有りますが、完成した途端に雨漏り・・・未だに治ってないと。もう築20年以上なんですが・・・

  2. obaKoba-sann,

    I heard Basel is not only a Swiss town, citizens living there proudly claim Basel ‘a big city in small capacity layout, and Basel should deserve to be claimed so.
    The town by the Rhine dispenses everything you could desire in the town cruise.
    Art and trade must go together.

    Anyway, have a nice and safe trip !

    best denki