Thursday, May 26, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 21 - Karaköy Lokantası (2)

At 8 pm, dinner time.
Galata tower is always lighten up as a symbol of new town. Very pretty.

I kept eating at Karaköy Lokantası, the hotel restaurant. Because it's the closest, food and wine quality is exceptional, price is very affordable and the staff knows me very well. I stay only 4-5 nights, why do I have to eat at anywhere else?
Because I said I never been to the 1st floor (2nd Fl. for US/Japan), they kindly assigned me the first floor. Now I understood perfectly, why I wasn't invited to here. The tables are mostly for party of 4 or 6. I'm attending solo, so I felt a bit guilty about my selfish request...

However, they treated me as usual, very warm welcomed and greeted.
Bread and olive oil are automatic. The yogurt eggplant spicy salad is 'compulsory' for my series of orders. ☺

The 'salad' is applied over the toasted bread with olive oil & sun dried tomato...
It looks like this. Can't I say this would be the Turkish version of bruschetta?

And the main dish this evening was, Köfte!!
Sometimes it called as meatball, or hamburger steak... but probably lamb blended meat with exotic spices make the cooking very unique, in my humble opinion. Also, I DO love this grilled, long shape green pepper very much. It'a perfect accent to this meatball (LOL) dish accompanied with ripe tomatoes and potato.

I requested chocolate soufflé when I made the first order, because this dish takes time.
Perfectly cooked soufflé. The center is still soft and goo, comes with heavy cream. This is a dangerous dessert but I ask at least once an every stay.

When my sweet tooth has been satisfied, ending with double-espresso.
I didn't ask "double" but the restaurant staffs remembers me always ask it. I'm so happy people here remember me very well.


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    I understand what you mean by ‘Izakaya with high-end serving style’ concerning the restaurant.

    They are thought to provide diversity of wines with genuine Mediterranean-stimulated culinary items.

    The small exclusive hotel must be really important in your way.
    You got devoted at once to the space feature and its inexpensive cost in your first visit, right?

    As you told, the hotel had to be out of service for a few years by weird and rigid political punishment(?).
    Though, you kept in touch with holders and maintained being present at the restaurant which wasn't obliged to be locked.

    I’d like to admire your every effort to create a wonderful relationship with them.

    best denki

  2. もう、常連さんですねえ。お髭の紳士と若いお二人のグループ、背中のタイルが剥がれて落ちてるように錯覚しました。鏡が有るんですね。あの角度だとお客さんからは後ろが見えるけど、どちらかと言うとサービスの時に、テーブルが見えるようにしているのでしょうかね?今日のメインはハンバーグ風、でも、スパイスが効いていて、私たちが知っているそれとは違うみたいですね。