Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 4 - Global First Lounge IAD

Fortunately, the Global First Lounge was located near C1, where my connefting flight departs.
Compared to United Club, the entrance was much quieter, somewhat hiding.

I handed the invitation slip over the receptionist, then she greeted and escorted me to the lounge room...
The space was narrower than United Club, but there were less than 10 passengers, which made this place almost empty.

Foods and beverage selections are similar to Global First Lounge at SFO.
The snacks are way better than United Club, but can't beat Centurion Lounge by Amex.

I stole some foods and drink quick, sat one of the tired upholstery.
The furniture is not as good as Global First Lounge at SFO.

I got shrimp cocktails, cheese & crackers, cured meat and self-made cocktail.
The cocktail was made with gin, vodka, pineapple juice, cranberry juice and limeade with fresh lime & maraschino cherry. I tried to pretend Singapore Sling and the result wasn't too shabby.

I ate and drank immediately after taking pictures.
It was quite pitiful I could stay here only 15 minutes... sigh
Then I was heading to the gate C1.


  1. やっぱし、日本語がイイわ・・・

  2. 日本語でも全然いいですよ。特にブラックで差別的なジョーク書くのには最適♪ www



  3. obaKoba-sann,

    The lounge seems to provide basically with no pleasant things.
    Does it have showers, PCs or any other usual First class characteristics?

    A meal set out on table for choosing offers just cold snacks and foods, right?
    While the preference looks in a reasonable manner diverse and delicious, the displayed is exhaustively deficient, and the food every now and then might get dry because of the low number of guests.

    I thought of it from the point of view as a First Class lounge, not as a business class lounge, of course.

    best denki

    1. Dear best denki sensei,

      Sorry for this garbled message; I'm writing from restaurant, using iPhone.

      I didn't check the availability of shower room, nor the PCs either. However, these days, passengers bring their own equipments with wi-fi capabilities. And the showers are usually provided at Arrival Lounges if it's United.

      And I totally agree with your opinion regarding the tired foods indeed. At United's first class lounge, foods are shelled in a domed covers, or individually wrapped, so the quality doesn't go bad. It's not so good anyway though (lol).

      Under such point of view, again, Amex Centurion lounge is far better. Foods are protected by glass and the staffs keep watching the quality. They certainly know what guests are concerning about.