Friday, May 20, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 15 - Breakfast @Karaköy Rooms (2)

2nd morning was a bit foggy...
Galata tower was seen like this... sea gulls are always flying here and there, screeching meow meow, like feral kitties.

Again, I went to the restaurant at the opening, 8 am sharp.
Nobody here yet. But some couples and families were showing up eventually.

The owner, Aylin, is taking care these all-you-can-eat items very carefully.
When the guests picked up some, she immediately fills up and makes the foods look "no damage" and "just fresh for you." I've never seen such great hospitality, almost paranoiac but totally appreciated her burden spending for this.

Me, as a raptor of buffet, I looted a lot. Then Aylin recovered the damages immediately, of course. ☺
Above is the loot I made this morning. Ham, olives, cheeses, veggies, pastry with butter.

Relatively small portion? That's because two eggs will be followed like this.
I didn't say anything but chef remembers I always ask the eggs to be soft-scrambled. This much of protein heats up my body hence it must be a good start in the morning.  When I completed the foods, asked another cup of cappuccino, chatted with owner about the good souvenir or the recommended Turkish bath, etc. then I started today's excursion.


  1. パン食が嫌いでは無いので、こゆメニューには魅かれます。パンの種類が一杯で楽しそうですねえ。加えて、ソフトスクランブルエッグがすっごく美味しそうで・・・、画像の発色調整、力入ってません?

  2. obaKoba-sann,

    You’re in high spirits to have breakfast at the restaurant.
    You don’t have to look further beyond for Turkish morning meal, do you?
    Each daybreak, you can enjoy all the menu like cheeses, olives, processed meat, yogurt, nourishment and baked products made with flour, honey and jams, whipped margarine, vegetables, just produced and preserved crop, AND your favorite eggs like soft-scramble.
    Each person woking there must be really intimate and let your holiday even more excellent.

    best denki