Sunday, May 15, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 11 - Breakfast @Karaköy Rooms

I slept well, got up a bit too early in the morning.
Garata Tower was still lighten up.

Complementary breakfast is served from 8 am. I went there 8 am sharp.
It was before sunrise and dark, nobody here yet, I'm the first guest. Perfect for photography. ☺

These are the items for free breakfast. Some of these, such as cured meats and cheeses, are changing everyday.
Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes are stereotypical Turkish breakfast items. Nuts and sun dried fruits are in excellent quality. No wonder Turkey is a famous origin of nuts and sun dries.

Homemade breads are also exceptional here.
Numbers of different kinds of breads, loaves, muffins and croissants. Aylin, the owner of the hotel, says they bake those everyday.

I got this much.
Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, cheeses, nuts and olives, croissant and honey, fruits salad, OJ and a cup of cappuccino. Spreading butter and honey to the freshly baked croissant tasted so good.

Chef came to me and greeted, then asked how I would like to have my eggs.
I asked soft-scrambled. I remembered if I asked scrambled eggs, it would be serving in this traditional Turkish-styled pan.

When I emptied my coffee cup, chef came close to me and asked me how about another cup. Why not!?
I was boosted by good amount of caffeine and foods, then started a fresh day. When the owner Aylin came close to me, I asked the best store for Loqum, Turkish Delight. She suggested me to do not buy at the next door (the souvenir shop is located only a block away and I originally planned to buy Loqum there), then introduced me the best shop in Istanbul. She even pointed out a specific flavor, "double roasted", is the best among numbers of flavors. I went back to my room and grabbed wallet and Istanbul Card (contact-free prepaid card for public transportation, like Suica in Japan or Clipper in Bay Area) then heading to Karaköy tram station.


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    When I finished reading the article, I felt hospitality shown toward guests.
    I can imagine your visit couldn't be better.

    Though your excursion was for the most part for sightseeing in Istanbul, another purpose seems investigating the attractiveness of the hotel and its restaurant, I guess.
    I can imagine everyone at the place where you paid for accommodation made you feel at home,
    They were greatly cooperative for you.

    On the whole, you found an excellent hotel in Istanbul!

    best denki

    1. Best Denki sensei,

      Yes indeed. I definitely feel this hotel and restaurant is a part of my home, located just between Europe and Asia. Thought owners speak good English and most of the staffs do, I feel this place would be at home if there were language barriers.

      Basically, Turkish people are very friendly and kind to tourists. Then if the tourist is a Japanese, they are even better. Of course there are some exceptions such as selling crappy souvenirs or picking pockets. But those people are everywhere around the world. Besides those everywhere around-the-world evil dudes, Turkish have warm hearts and friendly spirits. (and rich fluffy mustache) Otherwise I don't fly over Istanbul once or twice every year.
      Even under such atmosphere, this accommodation is very special to me. I saw their histories and difficulties, I couldn't do anything for help but cheering up, immediately booked and stay, shared the delights when they were reopened.

      Unfortunately United suspended the direct flight from Newark but I do love Istanbul so I keep flying - except summer season. Th friendly taxi driver told me there are bunch of Mr.G everywhere in summer...

  2. ターコイズブルーの素敵なタイル。これも、職人泣かせだわ・・・最初のテーブル、オレンジジュースとミルクが入っているような筒状の器、これって、そのままつかんでコップに注ぐの?かなり、重そうだけど・・・スクランブル・・・してないたまご、美味しそうですねえ。卵って半熟位がちょうど美味しい。今日はお買いもの?お気をつけて~。

    1. トルコの職人、お国柄タイルや大理石の扱いがうまいんでね?その代わりに瓦は扱えないでしょうけど。w


      玉子はいつも SOFT scrambled, please. って、ソフトの部分を強調して半熟にしてもらっています。アメリカの玉子でそれやったら2000分の1の確率でサルモネラが中るらしいですが、トルコはきっと大丈夫。黄身の色がきっついのも白色レグホンではなく茶色い原種っぽいトリさんだと思われ。風味も見た目通りに濃くて美味しいです。