Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 3 - United Club IAD (near C7)

The connecting flight to Munich was departing from gate C1, therefore the closest lounge was near gate C7.
Entrance of United Club. I have no clue why they replaced the glass doors totally transparent. Security reasons?

No significant updates were shown inside of the lounge. But this maybe interesting... I found new items.
Three flavors of "watery juice" (or should I say fruit punch?) are being offered at the bar counter.

I tried Mango Pineapple Aqua Fresca (fresh water) which is hitting my sweet spot.
I also stole some chocolate coated crunches, plus mouthful of trail mix. Nothing special. Mango Pineapple punch might be good for mixing with ice tea or sparkling water. Anyhow, it's evening and the snacks being offered here are quite pity.

When I was sipping the colored water and munching pity crunchy, receptionist called my name...
I went back to the entrance. The receptionist apologized she couldn't recognize me when I entered the lounge, then gave me an invitation slip to Global First Class Lounge. I asked "Is this because of two-class flight (no first class), or because I achieved 2 million mile flyer?" however the receptionist didn't disclose the reason... it's a good invitation anyway, and I can post one more article on my blog.  Though the previous flight failed upgrading, the lounge entry has been upgraded!!

Well... I double-checked the boarding time. Then I found I would be able to stay First Class Lounge for 15-20 minutes only!
I immediately wrapped up and get out from the hell United Club, rushed to the Global First Class Lounge...


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    I hesitate to ask you ;

    United Club members are qualified for way into Star Alliance Business Class lounges, right?
    What about visiting Lufthansa's Senator Lounge or Air Canada's Maple Leaf Lounge, instead?

    Sorry, I'm not familiar with such things.

    best denki

    1. Dear best denki sensei,
      Don't hesitate, feel free to ask me if I can answer, ;)

      Due to my understanding, lounge clubs operated by Star Alliance carriers are accepting their 'genuine' members each other. However the actual procedures may vary, depending on the lounges. For example, Lufthansa has stricter rules at the reception desk, guests should show their membership card. These days, the situation is somewhat better. We have digital membership card with barcode in United App, so I can show that screen. I don't have clue this works for Maple syrup lounges, but carrying the tangible 'navy blue card' is still essential just in case anyway.

      The above is a current conditions for simply United Club members. However, for me, I usually show my boarding pass which indicates [*G] the Star Alliance Gold member. Turkish Airlines CIP lounge will be that's it for today, but Lufthansa Senetor lounge still requests tangible cards, either United Club membership or United 1K card, even the boarding pass is for business class.

      Bottom line, yes your guess is correct but the actual operations may vary. The most important thing is; nice smile and polite yet friendly behavior to the receptionist for sure. That might be why I was invited to the first class lounge.


      Now I have last breakfast at the hotel, then take limo to Ataturk airport. I maybe post something if I found significant change at TK's CIP lounge at Ataturk.