Monday, May 30, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 25 - United 59 FRA-SFO (1)

Returning to SFO by United departs from Z gates, where is located above A gates. A gates are inside of Schengen Area, and Z gates are outside.
There is an atrium hanging Lufthansa's Airbus A380 mockup model. The people on lower floor are inside of Germany.

Now arrived at gate Z19, where UA59 departs.
United flights are coming from Washington Dulles, Chicago O'Hare, Houston and San Francisco. Only SFO route uses Boeing 747-400 and the rest are Boeing 777-200, basically all ex-United 3-class equipment. FRA is a lucky hub of United – not contaminated by Continental yet. (umm... I need better expression. Sorry to ex-CO people, I love you guys too.)

I was successfully upgraded and my Goddesses at FRA kindly assigned me seat 6B. Furthermore, Goddess R has shown up the cabin so we could hug each other. It is always fun to see the top managers of FRASW, whom I call as Goddesses. They know me "a long old fan of Tulip Logo" so that we can chat about good old days of United (before merger). ☺
Seat 6B is not an upper deck but isle side seating. Isle side is more important to me because I really feel guilty when I stride over the next passenger for bathroom access, raiding the mid-flight snacks and a cup of coffee. This time, the passenger next to me was a real gentleman, Mr. G.V., who is a big shot of an IT specialist. We enjoyed chatting until departure and he even demanded to see me again if I have an opportunity to stay in Frankfurt.

Safety video had been started. Btw. Not this time but in May, I was requested to not taking safety video pictures because of the concern of safety, when I took UA927, the same route FRA-SFO by B744. Then I had to delete the pictures in front of her to show those are not remaining in my SD card...
That was a bit ridiculous because this video is totally open at Youtube over the Internet to everybody, so it doesn't make sense at all. However, the rule is rule, it's up to United. Therefore I sincerely apologized to the cabin attendant and told her I would take a screen shot from Youtube video. :P
...anyway, the illustration of B744 looks very chubby stubby and ugly. This is exactly what I wanted to show. (LOL)

At the beverage service,  I do know this is a hopeless endeavor but I asked non calorie soda.
Sprite Zero with United's signature 'warmed nuts' which was lukewarm.  No, I didn't ask attendant to warm my nuts. (I heard this mistranslated hilarious phrase from Japanese businessman on UA837, flight for NRT.)

I still don't understand why United titles this salad as "Fresh Seasonal Greens."
As a in-flight meal, it's not significantly fresh, nor seasonal either. I believe I asked creamy yogurt dressing but what I received was vinaigrette, I guess.

The appetizer was somewhat different this time, not smoked salmon but Italian ham.
Prosciutto with grilled asparagus, onion chutney and garnishes. Nothing special but it was good to meet something different.

Bread varieties are remaining the same. This attendant kindly helped me taking pictures. (Some CA's are strict and say No.)
Pretzels and garlic toasts are my 1st and 2nd favorite, followed by whole wheat.

The choices of main course are four:
 - Tenderloin of Beef
 - Breast of Chicken
 - Thai-style Fillet of Tilapia w/Shrimp
 - Porcini Mushroom-filled Tortellini

The fish and pasta options are both attractive, but sometimes United's paste ←correct Italian plural are sadly overcooked, so my 1st choice was Fish. After I achieve 1KMM, I usually receive 1st choice then after I made 1K2MM, some attendants don't even ask me the 2nd choice...
Fillet of tilapia with shirimp, Chile-coconut sauce was in good flavor, didn't betray my expectations. Crispy fried potato straws, garlic sprouts and basmati rice are very nice sides, I liked them.

After the main course, International Cheese Selection was served.
Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I don't remember after this dish. Surprisingly I recorded this cheese dish, but I didn't continue the rest of first meal service and went unconscious. That means, I don't remember whether I ate this cheese plate, and... I MISSED ICE CREAM SUNDAE!! (continued)


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    Your FAs came to you to remake WARM NUTS which are very impressive items for me about UA, and another sips, right?
    Meal was later delivered to you and sincerely, was not that fine according to my judgment from the pictures you took (sorry).
    You didn’t consume too much moment on it, did you?

    Nonetheless, how appetizing was the picture of the ice cream sundae you had taken before!

    best denki

  2. 今度はティラピア!?