Monday, May 23, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 18 - Nostaljik Tramvay @İstiklal Cad.

One of the afternoon, I took a nostalgic tramway in new town.
On the popular and busy İstiklal street, two cars of old fashioned trams are running. The entire routs is only a kilometer or so, two cars are sharing one track and interchanging at the middle station named Garatasaray High School.

Train runs on a busy street at similar to the fast-walking speed, people jump on and off for taking pictures.
...and the conductor and operator try to avoid hitting careless walkers or vicious tourists like her. (LOL)

Inside of the tram is quite 'nostalgic' for sure. I love it. (no, I'm not talking about the passengers)
All metals are shiny brass, glass windows are not float-glass but old handspread ones, and the seats are made like a real upholstery.

Although it's nostalgic and classic, we can use İstanbul Card, the modern contactless prepaind card.
The touch panel for İstanbul Card is quietly arranged to not bleaching the traditional look and feel.

Back to inside. The lamps on the ceiling are like this. Aren't these pretty?
These transparent bulbs which are  showing filaments look like Edison light bulbs, plus the orange-amber colored hammer textured window glass are nice touch as well.

The operating room looks like this...
I have no clue what that compass shaped mechanism nor the vertically assigned handle. But watching those old machinery is just a fun.

The bell is like this.
Brass made bell, shiny stained wooden ceiling... ah, this is 19th century!

I have enjoyed the tram ride and went to a hamam near the high school, and relaxed again. ☺


  1. 味のある車両ですねえ、メンテナンスがいいのか、とても綺麗に見えます。



  2. obaKoba-sann,

    I speculate the trolley must be faded out of work in 1960s-70s and taken place of by other transportations, for being situated mostly in other cities.

    Although it's as much an intense desire to know as a way of move, you might discover it would be beneficial if your lower extremities were exhausted while exploring central commerce and eating area.

    AND you can utilize your Istanbul Card to take the tram.
    You have a great deal, don’t you?

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