Saturday, May 14, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 10 - Turkish Coca Cola

Today's post is a small one; what I found in a grocery store.
From left to right: Sour cherry juice, Coke regular in pink can? and another Coke in lavender colored can...

These are in very different, unique colors which I never seen.
These are not Cherry Coke nor Cherry Coke Zero.

Both pink and lavender Cokes have same ingredients, same calorie, taste the same... only the packages are in pastel tones. Weird!
I couldn't differentiate these Coca Colas from the original red canned one. Are these just for marketing? If so, it's very irritating since Coca Cola introduced Light in silver, Zero in black and Life in green, as well as dull dark purple for Cherry Coke. This question is still uncertain. I will have to ask someone regarding these unseen colored cans.

...and I also bought my favorite cherry juice.
"Cappy", the brand of the beverage sounds funny from the sense of Japanese speaker, but the taste is awesome. Sweet and sour, a bit tangy. I also bought sparkling water to dilute this juice. This would be perfect for summer for sure.


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    Why does coca cola hold dissimilar paints in Istanbul?
    You went to Istanbul, Turkey for planned time spent not for working and perceived with your eyes that coca cola containers have different colors, though but they don't taste different, right?
    At least it is supposed to, but Coca-Cola Turkey created this to draw people’s attention.
    Mr. A has fun with a pink one, and Ms. B drinks from a lavender one.
    So it makes them different, I guess.

    best denki

    1. well... I have no clue, Best Denki sensei.
      After I posted this, I briefly researched over the Internet. Then I found in some European Coke distributors are developing pastel-toned cans to enchant younger generations. Therefore, this supposedly is the marketing for Turkish kids but I am quite skeptic people such instantaneously acquiring this idea. At least for me, the sugar water version of Coke must be in a Red Can!


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  2. 今のところ、日本では見られないカラーですね。マーケティングの一環なんですか?イメージカラーを変えるって、なんだかなぁ、まあ、最近は飲んでもダイエットだから、関係ないけど。こんなに糖分摂ったら、逝っちゃうわ。

    1. atsu aiさん、


      でもアメリカの食べ物が不味いおかげで、Diet CokeとかZEROとか平気になりました~♪(爆)