Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 7 - Turkish 1630 MUC-IST (2)

Heading to Istanbul by Turkish Airlines 1630, meal has been served.
Menu was provided even in the main cabin.

A bit after the departure, small gummy thing has been served.
It was Loqum, a.k.a. Turkish Delight. Walnuts flavor is the only choice but this is one of my favorite.

Beverage service and meal dish have been provided at the same time.
Meal choices are either köfte (hamburger) or vegetarian pasta. I like their köfte comes with butter rice and chick peas in tomato sauce. Bread is warmed up, actually hot. Side dishes are; eggplant paste, crackers with cream cheese, then berry mousse are together. And cutleries are not plastics but real stainless steel. I think Turkish Airline's economy class meal service should be the best in Europe. Lufthansa, British Airways or Air France can't beat this quality of service.

At the beverage service, I asked attendant to mix cherry juice and sparkling water, because Turkish sour cherry juice is my favorite but too sweet. Dilute by adding sparkling water is an ideal I thought.
My guess was right. It's lightened and less sweet, yet crispy and refreshing by the bubbles.

After the meal, dark roasted coffee (or tea) has been served.
All Turkish passengers around me were asking tea. I was curious and asked why, then their answer was; the coffee wasn't sufficient enough, it's too weak. Well... comparing to traditional Turkish coffee, it is certainly weak for sure but it's strong enough for me.

Prior to the landing, the air-show screen has been switched to the camera in front of the aircraft.
The picture was very blurry but actually, it was foggy condition for the landing. Pilots did a good job.

However... we weren't assigned to direct connecting jetway to the terminal, had to take bus.
Fortunately, it wasn't raining though. Winter season in Europe is always like this kind of weather. Istanbul is not an exception.  Passport control was smooth. I changed some currencies and caught a taxi to the hotel.


  1. ハンバーガーを中心に、色々なサイドメニューがくっついて、楽しそうなお食事ですねえ。これだったら、アルコール系の肴にも合いそうだわ。

    1. このキョフテと呼ばれるハンバーグは本来羊肉が主体のようですが、トルコ航空の機内食ではビーフだけで作るようです。注文取りは Beef or pasta? って聞いてました。・・・産地偽装の合挽かも?(笑)

      この2月の時にはホテルへ向かうのはスムーズでした。First/Business/Gold Member専用のFast Trackがあって、スタアラ金だとそっちで通関できます。先週は怪しいシリアのパスポートが前にいたため、最悪でしたが...。

  2. obaKoba-sann,

    I heard providing meals assistance of the Turkish airlines, not only for long-haul international flights but also for domestic flights, is very good.
    Their foods seem to be arranged with simply crisp/excellent components and accomplished as hot/cold ones, counting on passenger’s leaving and journey time.

    BTW, I’m very interested in ‘köfte’, a flavor like nothing else?

    Köfte, aka meatball, or hamburger as you mentioned, looks completely a result of the unknown community sophistication, doesn’t it?
    Köfte may sit on top of the lineup of the rural finest/desired and most commonly eaten up cuisines.

    Thank you for showing me a product of the entirely undisclosed folk culture.

    best denki

    1. Best Denki sensei,

      TUrkish Airlines is proud of nominated "Best in Europe" by SkyLux. FRA-IST is kinda pan-European flight, around 3 hrs, but the meal service is outstanding. The funniest part is "Sky Chef" who is an attendant becomes costumed player, wearing white chef uniform and serving hot and crispy ekimek (bread)or beverages.

      The köfte (reads: kyo-fu-tee) is almost a hamburger steak made with lamb and/or beef, accompanied with some herbs. I cannot identify those Western or exotic herbs correctly but what I found were; cumin seeds, coriander or sage and time. I think it really depends on the chef, districts or even at home.

      And yes, köfte is a very renowned, stereotypical Turkish cooking. When I went into McDonald's, the local's special sandwich (ご当地バーガー) is köfte burger... it's better than Teriyaki burger by McDonald's Japan for my palate.

      In Japan, besides döner kebab kiosks, there must be numbers of Turkish restaurants serving genuine dishes since bunch of ike-ike girls (a.k.a. Yellow cabs) went to Turkey and brought back Turkish husbands, then they open restaurants. (LOL)
      In such circumstances, köfte is the must-have item so why don't you find a Turkish restaurant nearby and try it? (doesn't have to be the madam used to be ike-ike-gal though) I briefly googled and found three restaurants in Okayama area. According to the picture of "Ali Baba", pide (Turkish pizza) looks very genuine but I couldn't find köfte though, and this restaurant has been moved, they say. Anyhow, please try somewhere and let me know how it was. (You don't have to take me there in next January, by the way...)

  3. どーしたって日本語がいいもーん!!

    > 日本語のコメには日本語でレス返すつもりですが…ちょっとイタイんでね?


    > 日本語でも全然いいですよ。特にブラックで差別的なジョーク書くのには最適



    1. 別に日本語でもいいんですが...

      > さて本題。