Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 19 - Lunch @Istanbul Modern Museum

In the other afternoon, I went to a museum.
No. The mosque can be seen behind the entrance of the modern museum.

I didn't pay for the admission fee for the museum, but walked thru the bypass to enter the restaurant. ☺
The restaurant at Istanbul Modern Museum is a good one, I heard. It's located one stop from my hotel, even 15 mn on foot. Why not try?

When I enter the restaurant, I was guided to the bench seating decorated with "cheating people flowers."
mmm... I felt as if I were cheated by such weird shaped flowers... with pipes coming out from the wall. Is this a translation of 'contemporary' ??

Though the decor is cheating on me, their foods are serious and tasty.
several types of breads, came with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices.

ON the menu, they have variety of cocktails and guests are having interesting ones.
I requested Margarita, which is unusual for me but this maybe complement to the atmosphere, I felt. I requested to customize it to reduce the amount of tequila, add more lime juice, so it tastes like a shaved ice cone.

For the starter, green asparagus salad sounds good to me.
Grilled asparagus came with arugula, beets and kale, shaved Parmesan with mustard sauce. Everything is in good flavor and nice touch.

They have several interesting pasta. I asked the calamari black ink one.
Calamari ink spaghetti with seafood - shrimp, scallops (ほ・た・て♪) and calamari. I couldn't find a creamy hints of calamari ink but seafood flavor was strong enough to make everything yummy. I was happy with this dish.

COmpleted my lunch with single shot espresso.
As a restaurant in a modern museum, the food quality is unexpectedly good. ANd the price range was reasonable too.

When I got out the dining room, a big black fluffy-san was sitting...
a touch of white spot looks like Japanese crescent-marked bear. Cute but a bit dirty, sadly. There are so many kitties in Istanbul and I like it.


  1. イカ墨を練り込んであるんですね。これなら口の周りを真っ黒にしないから、綺麗に食べられる?

  2. obaKoba-sann,

    I’m impressed with calamari ink spaghetti ( not with scallops… lol ).

    Though there isn’t an extremely large culture of consuming squid ink in Japan, it may be a well-known component in Mediterranean provincials containing Spain, Portugal and Italy where is bargained to increase stain, odor and taste to edible materials like brans and noodles.
    But I haven’t known squid ink is one of well-known ingredients in Turkey, too.

    However, it looks so delicious!

    best denki