Sunday, May 29, 2016

Postings might be suspended...

Attention please.

Eventually, postings might be suspended because of my personal, urgent and critical issues. Unexpectedly, several unfortunate and sad issues are happening to me.
I will try posting articles as many as possible, but if it's suspended, sorry for the inconvenience in advance.


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    I know you’ve encountered hard times when you endure one after another.
    What should we do when everything felt, seen, perceived make a mess of whatever you do?

    All I can say is ; you are not apart.
    Sad matters occur to all of us too, of course containing me.

    We all have difficulties.
    The method we deal with them is… only time, I guess.
    Nevertheless, don’t forget you are not alone.

    I beleieve nothing can get you down.

    best denki

  2. Dear Best Denki sensei,
    Thank you for your thoughtful words.
    These continuously occurred situations are totally stunning.
    Let me try whether I can survive...

  3. 先生みたいな言葉は出てきませんが、他の人に思いを伝えて、少しでも気持ちが楽になるのであれば、聞き役位にはなれるかと・・・、いずれ、ご自身の体調を崩さぬよう、それが一番大事でしょう。

  4. 先生みたいな言葉は出てきませんが、他の人に思いを伝えて、少しでも気持ちが楽になるのであれば、聞き役位にはなれるかと・・・、いずれ、ご自身の体調を崩さぬよう、それが一番大事でしょう。