Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 8 - Karaköy Rooms

My stay in Istanbul is always here, Karaköy Rooms, a petite boutique hotel in new town side, close to ferry pier.
...and I feel I really owe them since last year when I lost my passport. They kindly kept me in the same room for 5 nights, cheering me up. It was totally touched during my stay.

This is the exterior of the hotel. This building used to be a consulate general of Estonia, therefore each room is wide and spacious, foundation is quite sturdy built.
Ground floor and 1st floor are occupied by a restaurant, Karaköy Lokantası, managed by the same owner. Breakfast is served there and now it's complementary. It was about $20 previously, so it became a very good deal for sure.

Because I stay every year, they are kindly assigned me room #11, where is my favorite.
Incredibly roomy. It's more than double or triple sized, if I compare to the hotels in most European hotels.

Bed is nice and firm. It's a minimalist-style but decoration of the cabling by copper pipes are retro-fancy.
This is the Superior Room, their standard size. Bigger room to this one is a Studio Suite, but I don't need that big for my solo, single use. My room is around 100 euro, Studio Suite costs over 150 euro. However, thinking about the size, quality, location, and the inclusive breakfast, this must be the best in Istanbul and I am definitely coming back here every occasion.

Working desk is located on the bright wall-window side, satellite TV and mini bar are located like this.
A bowlful of welcome fruits are set as well. I only ate bananas though...

Bathroom is clean and fancy too.
Towels are the real Turkish-towel quality, thick and fluffy. Washing basin is real marble. Housekeepers clean up everywhere, but especially in the bathroom everyday.

My room is on 6th floor. Above this will be owner's residential area. so the 6th is the top of the hotel.
After the check-in, I threw my luggage and went to hamam, Turkish bath, nearby. Received good skin scrub and massage, then came back my room, heading to the restaurant on the ground level...


  1. あー、このタイルを見て思い出しました。これって、職人泣かせのタイル。


    1. atsu aiさん、





  2. obaKoba-sann,

    The hotel seems situated at the convenient district for both business and sightseeing, in a refurbished old constructed dwelling.
    I imagine Karakoy was in the past the center of buying and selling in Istanbul due to its place for storing boats in the water, and is presently an artistic site.

    Dated- manner spaces appear to be planned and maintained in accordance with classical charactertistics.

    I know why you’ve got to admire the hotel.

    best denki

    1. Sensei,

      The city of Istanbul is separated in European side and Asian Side. Then, European side has Old town and New town divided by a bay named Golden Horn (金角湾). For the international tourists, the sightseeing spots are historical places therefore they are staying in old town. Otherwise, modern hotels by American chains (you can name them easily) builds their huge capacity accommodations in new town side, mostly around Taksim Square. Karaköy is a ferry pier and used to be warehouse area but now redeveloping and renovating nicely. Just in front of my room is an empty governmental building where used to be a custom control for shipyards. Those buildings will be turning into nice hotels or shopping complex, I expect.

      This petite boutique hotel is very special for me. I found here about 6-7 years ago, I immediately addicted by the room quality and its affordable price. But this hotel had to be closed about 2 years by strange and strict governmental execution. I stayed in touch with owners and kept attending the restaurant, Karaköy Lokantası. The restaurant wasn't forced to be closed, so I could chat with owners once or twice a year in person, face-to-face. Then they gladly sent me a message they would resume the hotel business. I immediately requested booking just after the reopening, and made it. That was 3 years ago and since then, I could create a very good friendships with owners and staffs at Karaköy Rooms and Lokantası.

      Cleanliness, quality and cost performance are very important for choosing accommodations but this place is something special for me, including their help, treatment and hospitality when I lost my passport last year as well.

      Last week, when I finished the stay and leaving the hotel, owner told me "This is your space, your home and your country!" which is very touching. well... I have to have thick black and fluffy mustache to be Turkish then... that would be the toughest part for me. (LOL)