Friday, May 6, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 2 - United 213 SFO-IAD

The first segment of this trip was SFO to IAD, Washington Dulles. United 213 departs from Terminal 3, F gates.
The SFO concourse museum was featuring local NFL team, 49ners.

Boarded... very unfortunately, upgrade FAILED on this flight!!
Then, I had to sit seat 8C. The equipment was 757-200 hence the location is Economy Plus, isle side.

However, this was the first time I experienced the Complementary Meal for 1K/GS, which United started serving from early 2016. The first item of the meal, plus one alcohol beverage are free for Premier 1K and Global Service customers.
I chose Select box from Choice Menu, plus Baileys Irish cream with coffee.

"StroopWafel" is for everybody in Economy.
Surprisingly, this maple sandwiched waffle is tasty. Nice and crispy outside, somehow wet and fluffy inside with natural sweetness. This was a good partner to my Irish coffee. After all, the free meal is a fun. Thanks to United to start offering those complementary meal for 1K/GS.

During the flight, coffee, tea and water have been served as well as another beverage service before arrival.
Washington Dulles airport was very foggy. I was concerned the delay of my connection flight to Munich, and my guess was right, unfortunately.

Before boarding the connecting flight, I killed my time at United Club near gate C7.


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    I know UA members have many methods to boost to the premium cabins.

    One of the benefits of airline exclusive status is getting blown up to an excellent cabin, but the upgrade process is puzzling and it’s sometimes hard to express an outcome in advance when you’re in a cheaper cabin.

    Anyway, I’m very sorry to hear your upgrade FAILED on the flight.

    best denki

    1. Best dentist sensei,
      Yes, United offered some perks and privileges to it heir elite members. However, the actual qualities are disappointing, usually. This free-of-charge meal and drink service to 1K/GS wasn't too bad though. Once the upgrade wasn't given, and I even tried to spend my RPU (Regional Premier Upgrade), I was deeply disappointed but this free meal is a bit of 'recovery' for sure. And it's easy to receive this service. I did only show attendant my United App in iPhone that indicates my MP status.

  2. So, I have found a good thing. "translate" button! With it, ridiculous Japanese will appear. I can read very fun, w.
    Every morning of fun has been increased. Even so, it can be translated into various languages it. Correct or, although what is wrong is another issue.

    1. atsu ai-san,
      ... I've been noted replying to someone's comment must be carefully done, because [Reply] and [Delete] signs are next to each other, very closely. I was about to delete your comment....

      Yes! Google Translation is very convenient for Western languages. But for Japanese, it's certainly ridiculous indeed. That's because of the difference of context, I think. Also, English or other western languages are idiomatic. Japanese is a very different beast.

      In any cases, please feel free to post either in English or Japanese. Otherwise, Espnol can be acceptable but no German please. That language can be dangerously hilarious, in some reasons. www