Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 6 - Turkish 1630 MUC-IST (1)

Arrive at Terminal 1, gate B8. Turkish Airlines flight 1630 was late, fortunately. I made the connection.
And the arrival at Ataturk airport wasn't too bad. It actually delayed only 30 mn.

Boarded. The equipment was Airbus A321.
Red headrests have been inspired from the national flag of Turkey, I guess. But the seat belts are in turquoise blue...

I guess this is relatively new aircraft because small LCD screen was assigned to every passenger.
Though it's a very noisy and blurry screen, better than nothing.

...and the safety video is very detailed.
For example, it suggests removing your shoes if you're wearing high heeled shoes, loose your tie, then...
Preparation for "impact" was demonstrated. It's somehow scary, and I found I couldn't do this because I didn't have enough leg rooms, and my big belly didn't allow me to make this position either.

The usage of life vests has been demonstrated by charming attendant, however...
...her face has been smashed by the infrared life vest.

When the safety video was over, all the sudden, the LCD screen started showing outside.
The traction operator was shown...

...then he was getting closer and closer. It was somewhat creepy but funny.
Then, he was burnished suddenly, and the aircraft started taxing to the runway.

Outside is still frozen and snowy but not foggy anymore.
About an hour late, TK1630 was finally in the airborne. (continued)


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    I know you can’t ‘brace for impact’ because you don’t have enough leg rooms.
    Though, don’t let me hear you tell that your big belly don’t allow you to make this position!
    I imagined and imagined…very funny! (LOL)…allow me to have imagined such a stupid thing.
    However, if I imagine your brace-for-impact position…LOL again…sorry.

    I understand the fundamental standard stays unaltered : it’s most excellent to bend ahead in time of a plane crash so my head is near to the couch in front of me.
    But, I really don't know whether or not 'bracing for impact' without a doubt guards you from harm in a plane burst.

    best denki

    1. Dear Best Denki sensei,

      well... I've never seen this kind of "brace for impact" suggestions. The closest one was by Singapore Airlines but not this much scary. The big berry or big tummy problem is not only for me, but most of mid aged people. Or due to the common data, THIRD of U.S. citizens, as well as expected mothers are in trouble too! :P

      btw. I also read a manga explaining the preparation of impact on the economy seat. That manga explains you should bend your legs and sit on the seat because the seats sometimes go off and chop off your legs... oops, I don't want to imagine those bloody situation.

      In any cases, when it happens, it may be a very high chance to say sayonara to the real world and going to the Next Level (a.k.a Heaven or Jodo in certain religions, where I can't go). :))

      However, the best part of aircraft accident is; lost of air pressure immediately knocks down passengers. That means, we can go to the next level without any pain or very short period of harms. Furthermore, the victim's family will be awarded reasonably. :))

  2. ヘッドレストと、ベルトの色はかなりのインパクトが有りますねえ。でも、ベルトは派手でイイと思うんです。ちゃんと着用しているかどうかすぐ判るし。車のベルトももっと派手な色にすれば、着用の有無がはっきりするのにねえ・・・

    1. atsu aiさん、


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