Monday, May 9, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 5 - United 106 IAD-MUC

Boarded on United 106, heading to Munich, Germany, connecting to Turkish Airline's flight 1630 to Istanbul.
I was successfully upgraded to BusinessFirst®. The seat I got was 1D, the quipment was Boeing 767-300 so it was bulkhead and center. I like this seat the best because of wider leg space, and nobody sits next to me. The cons (contrā) are; poor careless passengers keep punching my face by their bags, and some idiotic passengers are stretching in front of the lavatory which annoys me sometimes.

Then... my guess was right unfortunately. This flight delayed about 2 hours at departure. I had prepared more than 2.5 hours for transit at Munich because I had to move from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 for the connection by Turkish Airlines. Due to my ballpark calculation, I wouldn't have enough time to make original connection. Well, the arrival will be early morning so the alternative flight by TK or Lufthansa should be available, so I stopped worrying.

Meal service started after the beverage and United's signature warmed nuts.
My favorite pretzel was available. No wonder I'm flying over Germany. However, the size became much smaller these days. When I tried to grab the 2nd one, pretzels were sold out so I had to choose garlic toasts instead. The taste remains same.

Then the appetizer was completely a déjà vu...
Smoked salmon wrapped with nori seaweed, with wasabi horseradish mayonnaise. I don't have to check the menu.

With seasonal green salad without any sense of seasons.
I chose Gorgonzola dressing. The baby mozzarella was a fun. Otherwise are no significant change.

For the main course, the selections were as usual: beef tenderloin, Chicken breast and fillet of Amazon Cod, or Tri-color Ravioli.
I preferred fish fillet because of it comes with ratatouille, the soupy veggies. Amazon cod was so-so, not too dry but still edible. The eggplant in ratatouille was the best part in this dish.

Then followed by the long-spanned joke: International Cheese Selection.
Tow of semi-hard cheeses were not so interesting, but the goat cheese in the cup.

Dessert is a fun. No change but still a fun.
Gelato with your choice of toppings. Choco and caramel fudge, walnuts, whipped cream and maraschino cherry... a bit of everything is my favorite arrangement.

I could sleep a little, so I didn't try mid-flight snacks. Then breakfast was served 1.5 hrs prior to the arrival.
No choice for this not-so-long-haul flight. Fresh Fruit Selection served with granola, yogurt and breads. I chose a cinnamon roll, another bread availability was croissant, as always.

Arrived. 2 hrs 33 mn delayed.
Unusually, I kept connecting my iPhone online and checking the flight status of UA106 and TK1630. Luckily, the connection flight by Turkish Airline was also being late.

As sitting on the first row, I could disembark from the airplane first, because I was mumbling "I'm missing my connection."
When rushing to the Terminal 1, I saw the outside was frozen, snowy condition... I stopped thinking about this severe situation and immediately jumped onto the shuttle bus with a gentleman who got lost. I found him needed to go to Terminal 1 as well, so I guided him.


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    If I were flying unaccompanied in United BusinessFirst on a two-class non-domestic B763, I’d also attempt to guarantee that my seat is a D.

    The two-cabin B763 has a 2-1-2 seat arrangement in BusinessFirst, with the D seats being isolated, right?

    The D are the singular seats with both straightforward passageway approach and no chance of anyone’s moving up over you to the path (lol).

    Nice to have a great seat.

    best denki

    1. best denki sensei,
      Ah, finally I can type from my desktop PC. What a difference! (LOL)

      Yes, if travel alone, the D is the best under such 2-1-2 abreast config. And the best part is; attendants serve from both ways, whichever earlier. Furthermore, going to lavatory is very convenient; can use either one of vacancy. (lol)

      These days, this ex-Continental equipment is mostly assigned for South American destinations, and being replaced to 787-8 or 787-9 depends on the distance.
      I was chatting with "The Goddess of FRA" yesterday, and I learned all the equipment fly over FRA are ex-United. No wonder the FRASW is all-ex-United.

  2. 出た!アマゾンの鱈!(英訳すると・・・It come out!Pirarucu!でしょうか?w)ラタトゥーユ仕立てのおつゆタップシに合いそうですね。

    1. atsu aiさん、

      アマゾンのアロワナならぬ鱈... 全体像を思いださなけりゃいけてるんですよね。チリのコングリオも思い出さないように食べれば美味しいです。