Saturday, May 28, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 23 - Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge IST

My short but memorable stay in Istanbul in February is over. Now going back to California...
The taxi driver was the same guy who took his good effort to find a good hamam for me. He kindly parked just in front of the entrance door for the passengers of Turkish Airlines.

Winter schedule was early. Therefore the passport control was easy, I didn't have to take Fast Track. Fast track is separately located, designed for First/Business and Star Gold passengers. In May trip I certainly used the Fast Track lane.

After the double-checking security (the first one is at the entrance of airport building), I rushed into Turkish Air's CIP Lounge.
There is a gate to prevent cheaters. If the boarding pass is issued by TK counter and F/C/*G level, you don't need a check-in at the reception.

After the gate, the inside is HUGE. I think this might be the world's biggest airport lounge.
Can you imagine one more level exists underneath... this is really a phenomenal.

Movie theater is nice for napping, if you have enough time. ☺
...yes, popcorn is essential, of course! (LOL)

Variety of soft drinks are everywhere like this.
Unfortunately, my favorite cherry juice has been replaced from Cappy to another brand. But sparkling one is also available.

Designs are changing corner by corner...
It's so wide, I didn't have enough time to take pictures and lost a motivation to go downstairs.

After all, I found the window-side would be comfortable.
Got here, with a can of cherry juice and a piece of panini.

Meals - fruits, olive bar, hot snacks, incredible types and amounts of meals are being served.
Even TK staff themselves are picking some fruits... ☺

What I got are these.
A panini sandwich ('un panino' is the grammatically correct Italian but I am American), banana, Arnold Palmer (mix of lemonade and ice tea) plus a can of cherry juice. Panini sandwich was well done. Nice and crispy outside with fluffy texture inside with good melt cheese and tasty ham. Nice quality overall.

Oh, btw. This is the picture of the downstairs from atrium.
Some day, I have to try downstairs too... then I will have to leave the hotel 1 hour earlier, which would be quite a tough deal.

Well, that was a short stay. I spent most of the time for taking blog pictures.
Now I gotta go. Heading to the departure gate...


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    The lounge must be in competition for the most excellent business class socializing place on the planet!?
    I usually look at an airport lounge as a location with the purpose to gain a speedy bite or a break between arrival and departure.

    Let me take a closer look at the pictures you took again…

    Its amenities include a movie theater?...amazing, though.

    Berries, crops, nuts, olives, sizzling tiny meals, improbable kinds and quantity of foods should be being dealt.

    I can easily see an array of beverages, AND you mention there's a complete set of bar carts are EVERYWHERE like that!?

    On the whole, I’d like to confirm the lounge seems to be worth coming to the airport IST ahead in time for.

    best denki

  2. すごい、広くて大きなラウンジですねえ、こんな所に居たら、一日中過ごしてしまいそう。

  3. すごい、広くて大きなラウンジですねえ、こんな所に居たら、一日中過ごしてしまいそう。