Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fly the Friendly Galaxy

スパイダーマンの安全ビデオが終わったと思ったら... 今度はスターウォーズです!

さっそく United Hub に、宣伝が載っています
ふらい・ざ・ふれんどりー・ぎゃらくしー... www


Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope! ・・・にインスパイアされたシーンが、こんなだし。(爆)
MITでホログラムをリサーチした立場から言わせていただくと... ホログラフィーをもの凄く誤解している

玄人の視点では、最初のスターウォーズの時からそうだけど、ホログラムに ジジジ... とか水平方向にノイズが入るのがあまりにもイタすぎます。あれじゃ信号が微弱なアナログ地上波のテレビジョン放送受像機です。3Dの記録情報にノイズが入ってもゼッタイああいうふうになりません。未来の観客に苦笑されること請け合います。

どっちかっつーと ♪おなべのなかからボワッと インチキおぢさん搭乗~♪ ですけど。©さくらももこ先生

そして... スパイダーマンではやらなかったのに、スターウォーズでは機体を塗っちまいました。


くどいユナイテッド航空、 スターウォーズ塗りの737-800がどこ飛んでるか見られるようにするし...。
機体番号は N36272 だって。


©2019 United Airlines, Inc. All rights reserved. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ©2019 & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    Even I know United have collaborated with deviating and surprising groups bound by interest like Spider-Man which you demonstrated before.
    Beforementioned manner of conducting themselves holds opposing views from DL/AA, doesn’t it ?
    But to be honest, I have a bias toward the United’s idea that the C class pleasant things like the blood-colored soft container by Spider-Man and this Fly the Friendly Galaxy may attract the interest of the passengers.

    I wish the Friendly Galaxy wouldn’t be a bit disappointing such as B737MAX…

    Yamada denki

    1. Yamada Denki sensei,

      I received STAR WARS version of Polaris Business amenity kit, but the package is on my chest and never touched… just waiting for discarding ‘em eventually…

      Besides MARVEL, Lucasfilm is my favorite company of negotiating the video game licenses. They are very polite and serious yet funny for productive conversations. I could only see Mr. George Lucas in our US office once, and I found him as low key, soft but a very smart guy. I can fall in love. (lol)
      Now Lucasfilm is under Disney… I also had numbers of meetings with Disney Interactive for license issues; they are the toughest negotiators ever.

      Due to my experiences explained above, I am so sorry for United had to have severe and difficult discussions with those tough negotiators… but congrats to United, they made it!

      Did you hear the news of B737Max? No more production in 2020… so Boeing has to start developing brand new model… Boeing 7007 or 808? Boeing 1737 can be eligible as well, just like Rolex did for their model numbers. www