Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Visiting Japan now

マウント・フジ、チェリーブロッサムに、パゴダ... なんだかなぁ。





  1. obaKoba-sann,

    I imagine one of the major justifications you’ve determined to follow T-gakuen should be the environment.
    You told me the university’s constructions are diversified on incredibly broad zones including ranches and chopper deck harbor !
    Subsequently, the families must essentially be rich enough to put their sons/daughters to be at T-gakuen.
    Consequently, whole the trainees might be substantially being pampered, yet hardly any wickedly classified.
    The situation can produce actual contentment in the special and characteristic academy with educating Christian religion.

    You should thank God, shouldn’t you ?

    Yamada denki

    1. Yamada Denki sensei,

      When I chose which university, college or institute I attend, one of the major factors was the environment, indeed. Though Hokkaido or Tsukuba are large, I couldn’t clarify entering those universities, simultaneously, the students are clever but not fancy or luxurious enough to establish an appropriate friendship, I expected.
      Amongst the colleges I passed the exams, Meiji or Hosei are famous but I would have to be major in legal, economics or something social studies – I wasn’t too shabby on the scores but I really didn’t want to learn/study. Other option was Tokyo University of Agriculture but I immediately found this was a wrong place to attend when I saw “Aoyama Odori,” which elder students were playing in front of the entrance, he was crunching white radishes by knee…
      Contrarily, I saw at T-Gakuen where expensive German/English/Italian cars were parking, there were golf training center or Olympic-ready sized swimming pool, girls and boys were riding horses, etc… voila! this school must be the right academy I have to admit. (LoL)

      In fact, I attended Tokyo Institute of Photography (now Polytechnics) after T-Gakuen, but the college colleagues still staying touch are all from T-Gakuen, I even contact with Institute of Polytechnics to receive info for alumni as well.

      I do appreciate G*d, Buddha and my parents who gave me a chance to attend T-Gakuen.

      *Lesson of English manner: You should not use the name of “G*d” so instantaneously.