Thursday, September 27, 2018

Napkins / Paper Towels in Polaris Lounge SFO



これ... どこかで見覚えがあるなぁ?と思いながら御不浄へ入ったら、納得。

いずれホントの御不浄レベルな United Club と大差なくなるのでは?と懸念しています。
でも・・・ United Club のほうもポラリスラウンジに負けずにどんどん劣化するような気もする。


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    We keep on discussing over degrading of the Polaris Lounge (lol).

    Added to the destructive Washoku-like chicken cutlet bento and the napkins in the dining room exactly the same as ones in toilets, the decaf coffee is surprisingly excelling, isn’t it ?
    You make it a habit to have only decaf liquid refreshments ahead of boarding to fall asleep healthily while in the air, I guess.

    You reported AmEx Centurion Lounge at SFO was a parklike area in where crowded, wild, and chaotic place.
    Moreover, I’m not able to conceive Platinum or Centurion owners are reacting similar to persons in financial trouble in the lounge, either.
    It must be a good proof that there are not any equivalence in the midst of money and self-control.

    Which do you think is better (or worse), United Club or Centurion Lounge ?

    best denki

    1. Best Denki sensei,

      The disappointment by United is as always, I’m glad my expectation was quite accurate precisely. However, I even didn’t expect they start using the paper towel in the toilets to be napkins at the dining room… That was really “Beyond my expectations.”

      I found decaf is helpful for better sleeping in the airplane. But I wouldn’t say my sleeping behavior is “healthy” because I take 10mg of melatonin and 10mg of diazepam with the welcome drink, followed by 3mg of eszopiclone, 25mg of doxylamine and 25mg of diphenhydramine with beverage services to kick me down… if I take caffeine drinks, those sleep aids don’t work well and my lever would be busy releasing coenzyme P450 for sure.

      In regards to the comparison of lounges, United Clubs vs Centurion Lounges, The Centurion Lounge is the clear winner. Unfortunately both lounges at SFO are uncomfortably packed, Centurion is definitely a winner. I still can’t imagine people paying $450 to get Amex Platinum or paying $500 of annual fee for entering United Clubs. No wonder the average household income in San Francisco peninsular is extremely high (about $175,000) compare to the other counties. (This “average income” includes IT billionaires i.e. Mike Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, etc.)