Saturday, September 15, 2018

Baggage Wrap for United Premier 1K®

少し前の話ですが、ユナイテッド航空の Premier 1K® 会員向けにケースのハンドル部に巻く「ラップ」が届きました。

最近、使い捨てレベルに安く、かつ軽い Amazon Basic の機内持ち込みサイズを愛用中なので、さっそく装着。

家人の分が届かないので 1K Voice へ「もうひとつ送って」とメールしました。

Dear Mr. ObaKoba: 
I have request replacement Yellow handle wrap again. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.
We appreciate your 1K 2MM status and loyalty to United and our Star Alliance partners and we look forward to providing the travel experience you not only expect, but deserve, as a valued customer.
MileagePlus® Service Center 


米国在住以外の 1K® 会員さんは対象かどうか判りません。ご自身で 1K Voice へお問い合わせください。


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    If we really love a woman, we would do everything to make her happy.
    One woman is enough for love and others should be respected.

    One woman is not enough for love.
    I want to play with multiple women and I find it good.

    Written above is quoted from Quora…funny references, though.

    I’m not a United nerd, though possibly a United jerk (lol), and I have one thing to ask you ;

    Are there any customers who are deprived of the 1K rank but still hold the dark yellow/black wraps on their suitcases ?
    If so, don’t you need to get new wraps with annual color change to certify you keep the valid 1K status ?

    Sorry for deleting…

    best denki

    1. Best Denki sensei,

      I also saw that FAQ on Quota and thought it would be a smart answer if we were English speakers as a primary language.

      For me, the point is; I do not want you to use the J-word. Never, from such a smart person over 60, principal physician of a famous clinic.

      Also, I am not a nerd for United Airlines, but an admirer. United’s nerds must be remembering all the equipment numbers and where they are located, seat configuration varieties with seat pitches, domestic and international route maps and all of 5 letter codes of United’s departments. I can’t be a nerd then.

      I have no crew why United started this giveaway item. The best guess is; to prioritize and handling the checked baggage at the airport to reduce the complaints from 1K members.

      Apologize in advance; My reply will be delayed or missing because I won’t have a good Internet connection for a week. I’ll be visiting my parents’ home and see my father’s oncologist.