Saturday, December 1, 2018

Tokyo 2018 Nov. (1)



最近はすっかり混雑していて、数分待たされたところで席に案内され... コーヒーを頼んで。
を。劣化がおさまって少し回復基調? ナプキンが布に戻りました。


メダリオンパンケーキ + 玉子みっつのオムレツにスイス&チェダーチーズとベーコン入りで。





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    1. あつさん、


  2. obaKoba-sann,

    A happy new year ! (sweat)

    I’ve been working hard these days to examine the inner parts of human upper & lower GI tracts.
    I know it’s none of your business, though…

    Let me get back to main subjects.

    This time, at the flight to NRT, NH7, you’ve been successfully able to get an award F ticket using UA’s miles, haven’t you ?
    However, you entered Polaris Lounge at SFO.
    Don’t NH have their own F lounge there ?
    Sorry, a boring question…

    You didn’t have a chicken cutlet bento, but ordered medallion pancakes and omelet of 3 eggs with Swiss & Cheddar cheese and bacon conservatively (?).

    Your letdown by United has been as ever, you’ve been so sad to know your anticipation is completely and exactly precise.
    Though, even I could not believe they began utilizing paper towels at the lavatories as substitutes for napkins at their formal dining room.
    The fact was absolutely beyond ( or below…lol ) my and your expectations, wasn’t it ?
    Fortunately, the napkins were replaced to cloths (LOL).

    best denki

    1. A happy new year to you too, Best Denki sensei.

      I was wondering what I did for you something nasty, well, I always do anyway, but since you suspending the posts, I definitely thought that was my fault and stay away contacting you to wait and the time soothes the situation. Sorry to hear you are incredibly busy but that was a good news to me so that I will be able to visit Okayama in 2020 when I achieve a 3 million mile flyer.

      Although JAL has their own lounge, ANA doesn’t. That’s because JAL doesn’t have good partner in the States. One World Alliance members are basically the countries where have “keep right” traffics, and AA is not a right member. (LoL)

      Polaris Lounge is good enough, I think, if I compare to Air France KLM lounge, or even comparing with ANA suit lounge in Narita.

      The degraded napkins are the immediate disappointment but they found frequent customers already found it and started complaining, therefore they purchased the plastic-fiber napkins for the dining room.
      But when I enter the dining room yesterday and had 2-in-1 plate, eggs and pancakes, the food quality itself was degraded... that is worse.

      Oh, btw. Chicken cutlet bento like thing is a lunch and dinner menu. It’s not available in breakfast.