Wednesday, August 29, 2018

SIN 2018 Jun-Aug (2)


Liao Fan Hawker Chan という店で、2018年はミシュランのビブ・グルマンに載っています

おかげで儲かって引っ越して、これが新しくて綺麗な店舗だそうですが... すげー行列。


いちばん安いのはSG$3.80に抑えてあるので、300円ちょっとでまさかのミシュランひとつ星が食べられる!? www



上が 3 combination platter 三種盛り、下が Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle 醤油鶏麺 です。

これ、サンマテオの香港系中華 abc Café で「撈麺」と呼ばれるものと同じみたい。


ミシュラン星持ちと聞いて期待していたので、落胆しましたが... 普通に、払った御代に見合うだけ美味しい。



  1. obaKoba-sann,

    At first, I was drawn by the Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle !
    And broadly speaking, I adore all their cuisines.

    For those who haven’t experienced any Michelin-starred meal, the foods might surely be fine, and they may be surprised to know the cuisines simply require a few USD.
    Unmistakably, we should be ready in mind to stand by somewhat long time in queuing to buy, though once our order was completed the food are thought to appear fairly speedily.

    On the whole, it’s crowded dining area.
    However, I would say it’s worth trying once, right ?

    best denki

    1. Best Denki sensei,

      I am very sorry and am afraid to tell you… I thought you are not keen to Soya Sauce flavored foods because Western Japanese prefer udon noodles in salty clear water, no soy sauce in there. I am pretty traumatic, probably a typical symptom of PTSD, by my experience in noodle stand in Osaka that they found I am from Eastern Japan when I dripped soy sauce into the noodle soup to make it ‘normal’ color.
      But you are impressed with soya sauce chicken or their varietal items?? I expect that’s because you somehow inherited bloods from your uncle lives in Narashino, or you have been contaminated or brain washed by soy sauce during your stay in Narashino.

      This fast-food style Michelin recommended restaurant is an average. ABC Café in San Mateo, California has much more variety in almost similar quality. Besides the foods tastes, other factors such as décor or services are Chinese/Hong Kong quality therefore no significant difference between this hawker and ABC Café, I think.
      I personally feel my tongue – taste buds are a bit different from Michelin researchers. As you know, I have tried numbers of Michelin 3 stars or 2 stars restaurants around the world, and there is only one restaurant/chef I am with Michelin researchers, where is – Restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, the restaurant by Relais & Châteaux Grand Chef Carme Ruscalleda. I am so sad she is retiring by the end of October.

      For gourmet experiences, everything has “worth a try,” but just ONCE. “If you ate ‘Cup Noodles®’ once, that is fine. You tried it just once because you never had it in your lifetime yet. However, if you ate it again, then you are not a gourmet!” my friend told me seriously. (LOL)