Thursday, February 1, 2024

Santa Ramen (Feb.2024)

忍者マーケット(a.k.a. Nijiya Market)へ割り箸の買い占めに出かけたついでに、さん太ラーメンへ…。

今日は… 豚頬肉ラーメンの大盛り、ノンスパイシー、にんにく豚骨スープです。

Santa(素)、Pork Cheek(頬肉=叉焼)、Stewed Pork Belly(太肉)、Softshell Crab(蟹)の4種に。
お好みの辛さを加減できるのは以前から。兄弟店の Ramen Dojo はここを特徴に押し出した店でした。




ガーリックとんこつに興味があったので、それにしてみたら… とんこつスープに黒マー油がたっぷり。このスープは気に入りました。キツめな風味のラーメンをがっつり食べたい日には、ピッタリです。
今回、豚頬肉を選んだのは…前回太肉を頼んだらやや噛み応えがあって違和感を感じたので、こっちにしてみたら… ホロホロで煮崩れそうにやわらかな、大きな肉が2片。やや獣臭さのアタックがあるものの、ガーリックとんこつなのでむしろマッチしていました。麺を大盛りにしてもらう際には、追加の麺を最初から一緒に入れちゃっていいか、別盛り(替え玉相当?)するか聞いてくれるのも嬉しい。



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  1. I couldn't help but compare it to the previous article about Santa Ramen (THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 2024) because it left quite an impression.
    Assuming almost the same seating position of yours, when I look at the top images of each;

    First, to the right of Kato-chan, "NO RAMEN, NO LIFE" has changed to "TRY OUR ULTRA SPICY PASTE." I quite like this surreal image with the chili peppers spewing fire. When you visit this shop next time, be sure to try this PASTE.

    Next, to the left of Kato-chan, it has changed from "Golden Lucky Cat" to "List of Soft Drinks Enjoyable in this Shop." Personally, I might prefer the lucky cat?

    Third, due to the influence of this "Soft Drink Party," Kato-chan's position has been pushed to the right. In that case, I wonder what happened to "Nigori Sake" and "Ichiban Shibori," which were next to "NO RAMEN, NO LIFE" last time. I'm a little worried about their existence (lol).

    That was a digression.

    You mentioned that you went to Santa Ramen while on your way to Nijiya Market to stock up on disposable chopsticks, but now, which one was the main purpose...? Your previous order was soy sauce-flavored ramen with Stewed Pork. This time, is it pork cheek ramen in a large portion, non-spicy, with garlic pork bone soup? If you top it with ULTRA SPICY PASTE, will it become spicy version?