Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Singapore 2019Jan(3)


最初はシンガポール航空のゴールドラウンジへ行こうかと思ったけど、面倒だからSATSへ入場。そしたら、なぜかレセプションの姐さんがこの Reserved Section へ案内してくれました。一般の席は混雑しているのに、ここは僕だけ...。






誰もいない部屋で... この、リモのショーファーさんにもらったお土産を「分解」して収納。

そして、これから14時間のエコノミー席での拷問に耐える準備ができました。今年はこれをあと何回かまされるのかと思うと... もう予約クラスKなんて買うのやめようかな...。


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    Sorry for deleting, again.

    First of all, please forgive me to leave boring comments in each article.
    It must be a kind of obligation for me not to prevent my English ability from being rusted any more.
    Of course I know my English is far from good enough...

    SATS Lounge must be an acceptable selection for you in a few socializing places in the airport where you’re able to get in by PPass at SIN.
    You told me SATS in Terminal 2 is adequately pleasant, however the one in Terminal 3 is way better on account of its newness and cleanliness.

    Though, you found there was such a secret (lol) section in SATS premiere lounge of Terminal 2 on your way home.
    At first, you were going to enter the SQ’s Gold Lounge, but you felt it to be troublesome, so you went in SATS.
    Then the receptionist led you to the ‘Reserved Section’ with detailed reason being unknown.
    Though the other area was crowded, there were only you in there.

    You entered the section for the first time.
    You mean you didn’t even know its existence.

    You only had the admission ticket with you that you got at United’s reception desk.
    Besides, you failed in upgrading, so the ticket was an economy class, then.
    Finally, you were in the section without knowing why you were eligible to be there (lol).

    Anyway, good for you !

    Otsuka Kagu

    1. Otsuka Kagu (a.k.a. Yamada or Best Denki) sensei,

      I cleaned up the accidental bombings.
      And if you would like to check your English level by CEFR (セフレ), please try here.
      I cannot receive C2, the highest level. It’s always C1… even I spent 20 yrs in the US.

      I am simply surprised they have this “secret chamber” in the rear. And I have no idea why I was invited to this clean and empty room… My best guess is; I looked extremely eccentric and abnormal, hence the receptionist wanted me to be isolated from other innocent guests. This “Reserved Section” has nice and clean shower booths, so I will ask if I can use that new shower booth when I arrived at Changi again tomorrow. Otherwise, Move to T3 and entering SATS Premier Lounge T3 is another option to get the cleaner and wider shower booth. But in this option, I will have to take SkyTrain or Travelator (lol) to be there and then come back. I already asked my chauffer to pick me up at T2…

      If I am successfully invited to the Reserve Section again, I’ll let you know.