Wednesday, February 27, 2019

İstanbul 2019 Feb.(2)




何も聞かされずに飲まされ「どまて・ちょるばす?」Tomato Soup? って聞いたら、当たりでした。





Köfteci Namlı Usta
Balat Mahallesi, 192, Vodina Cd., 34087 Fatih/İstanbul
Tel. +90 212 621 10 25


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    Congrat for your confirming upgrade because of failed aircraft ! (lol)
    You must thank United for that !?

    At about half past 2, the soup restaurant of the sheep was closed for worship on the Friday afternoon, therefore you entered the diner of köfte in the neighborhood, but it was great.

    The köfte was supposed to be ground meat of beef and lamb, but it was mouthful size unlike the one of Karaköy Lokantası.
    It is surely proper size to be called ‘a meatball’.
    You admired that each flavor of köfte was very different in each shop.

    Though you were said, "At first, try that !", you identified before eating it by its smell that probably it was fried lever of the chicken.

    While you had to eat internal organs of the sheep, you were lucky to enjoy delicious köfte in the end, weren’t you ?

    Yamada denki

    1. Yamada Denki sensei, (after all, Yamada Denki took ‘em all)

      Honestly speaking, I was so lucky the original UA2 has been cancelled.
      Another 1K passenger, who was in a same boat (lol), changed his flight to UA28, evening flight scheduled Monday 22:30, but this one also delayed 12 hrs 40 mn, left just an hour earlier than our flight and arrived SFO one hour early, with busier occupancy.

      As a result, from SIN on Tuesday morning. There were three flights.
      10:00 UA2 – originally scheduled and arrived 25mn early
      11:25 UA28 – delayed 12hrs 4mn
      12:00 UA2834 – arrived 37mn early but 1day 22mn delayed from original

      Amongst those three flights from SIN to SFO, UA2834 is the “leftover” flight and half-way packed. I might be happy in the economy because I would be able to make United Economy Suite in the rear. But then I would miss 海老焼きそば for the first meal, followed by 中華粥.


      I do like the tomato soup as well as köfte ate at here. Intestines are not my favorite organs (brains neither) but the lever is the exception. The lever can be from lamb or beef, but no big difference of the flavor of iron-rich bloody organ… love it.
      Turkish cooking is easy for me to accept because of the appropriately used spices, I think. Compare to these, I can’t have Vietnamese dishes because the weeds added are often seen around outside of toilet in Japan…