Friday, June 23, 2023


※ 割り込み記事です。自慢というよりも、散財した自戒を込めています…。


1,500 本限定というやつです。限定版に弱い儂… これでスマホ連動型オシリアヌスが3本揃いました。
左から、OCW-S5000D、さっき届いた新型の OCW-S7000A、そして OCW-S5000C です。



けっこう機内で隣席の人に「あれ?見たこと無い時計… 欲しいかも。どこの?」って聞かれます。そこで「メイドインジャパンの、カツオ計算機って答えるとプラスチック以外の時計、作ってるの?って驚かれます。

プラスチックどころか外装はチタンで軽いし、スマホのアプリでシンクロするし、いまどきのスマホは基本全ての基地局がインターネットタイムだから時差ゼロなので、スマホが動く國なら時刻合わせ不要、さらにソーラー充電するから二次電池がダメになるか、駆動系の油が切れたり錆びたりして壊れるまでの 10 年くらいはノーメンテナンス♪ って教えると「そんなん、あったんかい!?」と、かなり驚いて欲しがります。

で、値段を答えると… ハミルトンやタグホイヤーが買えるほど高いので、プラスチック主流のカツオ製品でこの値段付けは… と、大抵の人はかなり引く。(笑)

でも「プラスチックの時計しか作ってない」って… きっとGショックの廉価版のこと?
ずいぶん失礼しちゃうと思いますが… まぁ、カツオ計算機の製品じゃ仕方ないかも。

この新型 S7000A は、次の海外旅行から便利に使う予定です。

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  1. I'm sorry, I'm reasonably knowledgeable about BMW, with 'Jet Black まっくろくろすけ' at the forefront, but I don't know much about watches, particularly those from Casio.
    Still, I do remember Casio calculators. I first held one of their calculators when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school. It was a calculator that could only do basic arithmetic, but it still cost 12,800 yen at that time, which required a leap of faith for a grade schooler. But since I loved math, I had no regrets. I would punch in random equations and wonder, "What on earth is going on inside this gadget?" It was quite intriguing.

    A new watch, and moreover, a global limited edition of 1,500? I also have a soft spot for 'limited editions' and 'premiums', so I can't mock you. These three watches are all smartphone-compatible.
    I often see special jewelry & watch supplements included in Centurion magazine, where an array of high-priced items that make my eyes pop out are displayed, and I sigh as I look at them. Still, when it comes to watches, I wasn't much interested, thinking, "It's a hassle to adjust the time when I go across time zones, it's irrelevant to me."
    But these three watches of yours synchronize with a smartphone app, and if the smartphone moves to another country, there's no need to adjust the time, plus no maintenance for about 10 years!? This is certainly surprising, and I can see why you, who often travel across many time zones, would want it.

    Indeed, Casio's reputation as a watch brand may not be very high. But I think I can understand why you're drawn to this new S7000A. The name OCEANUS and its pure azure color suggest that the sea is the motif. And it's water-resistant to 10 atmospheres, isn’t it? So if a customer is a diving enthusiast, it's a tempting piece to wear.