Friday, February 2, 2018

>> B.B. has been Adopted


昨年はネコさんたちが4人いるうち3名までが享年18歳前後で逝ってしまい,若いちーちゃんが残されてひとりぼっちに。そこで 9 Lives Foundation という,Dig-Dug や ちーちゃん 出身のシェルターからもうひとり引き取ってきました。

シェルターでは Benjamin Button という名前で呼ばれていたので,略してビービー。シェルターの『引き取り可能なネコ展示場』に入った途端,家人がこの子にやられました。家人... 赤猫が好きみたいですが,ビービーはちーちゃんより歳上で推定5~8歳。もう中年というか壮年期のネコでなんだかボーッとしているので,ちーちゃんに引き合わせても唸ったり喧嘩したりしません。できるならお互いにくっついて丸まって寝るくらい仲良しになって欲しいものです。


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    You know I prefer dogs to cats.
    Though I also admit cats are astonishing animals as they let us express amusement continually.
    Looking at comical cats without laughing would be the most difficult attempt.
    It’s very interesting to just look how all the cats and kittens be unsuccessful, hang about other pets, get frightened, create humorous noise and finally get mad.

    Have so much fun with your BB !

    best denki

    1. Best Denki sensei,

      Yes, I do know you are a dog person, as well as born in the year of the dog. ;)

      All of those cats’ trailers over the web, and the TV programs are so admirable indeed. Because I can only watch TV Japan who is a subsidiary of NHK, I often watch 世界ネコ歩き or もふもふモフモフ besides the YouTube videos.

      This time, we adopted an old cat. B.B.’s coat, jaws and digestive-system are currently somewhat problematic because of his age, but most of those can be curable then he will become a healthy and happy camper, I hope.