Thursday, February 8, 2018

>> Availability of UA837

この差し込みを書いている翌日に乗る UA837便,SFO発成田行きのステータスですが... 何これ!?
成田へ行く便で "No customers currently waiting to upgrade" の表示は初めて見たよ。
Polaris Business™ が60席あって,20席も空いてます。そんでアップグレード待ちがゼロ!?
【脱肛後追記】その後,Stand-by がひとり入ったけど... 実際ガラガラなことには変化無し。

シートマップを見ても,機材後部はエコノミー4席で United Economy Suite が作れそうにガラガラ。
そしたら... NHD便に最新型のB777-300ERを割り当てて,成田がB787-9とか787-8に陥落??


p.s. あ,そんなわけで習志野に帰っています。コメ返しの遅延または既読スルー,お許しを。


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    Anybody who has been to Tokyo notices HND is much nearer to central Tokyo than NRT.

    In spite of the slot limits in HND, air carriers have been constantly adding the sum of international aviation
    Flight itinerary aside, HND may be certainly the favored airfield.
    Immigration is much faster than NRT, I guess.
    Tourists also arrive at downtown Tokyo much quicker although giving less money.
    However, they should know its international terminal is fundamentally just a huge construction.
    What I mean to say is nearly all equipment is situated at the domestic terminals.
    They also must take the airport's shuttle bus without charge to reach those terminals which give them access to transfer to domestic flights.
    This may be a bit of a suffering because they must move with their luggage onto a fairly congested public transportation.

    Oh, I know you can go back home from NRT much more speedy than from HND.

    best denki

    1. Best Denki sensei,

      Yea those who heading to downtown Tokyo, HND is much more convenient as well as transferring domestic flights.

      For me, however, HND is somewhat traumatic place when I was working in the video game industry... and NRT is so convenient for me. Last Thursday, it only took one hour from the jetway to the entrance of my parents’ home. There was a tricky way to skip the gaijin-line but the officers in NRT are friendlier since my final destination is Narashino and myself is made in Chiba. (Lol)

      Hope NRT successfully expands couple of more runways and modifies the passport control for foreigners.