Saturday, April 27, 2024

Cars in San Mateo


*アメリカ英語では Bonnet ではなく Engine Hood だけど… 確かここにはエンジン入ってないし。(爆)


相当変態なドライバーだと思ったら… 30 代前半くらいの女性が戻ってきました。


注文して届く塗装色なんでしょうか? 左隣の白いテスラが清潔に見えます。
こいつも Campbell(F) さんが大好きな おぱんちゅうさぎ みたいな、逝っちゃってるぬいぐるみ並べてるし。


これも酷い!! おおきな豚型のクルマに、ありえなく大きな豚鼻を装着!!

やはり、いずれ まっくろくろすけ もこんなクルマになってしまうのでしょうか。

変なクルマをたくさん観て、しゃぶしゃぶ食べて帰って来て… そういえば、うちの隣にも…
今日もだけど、うちの隣のビルは、なぜか マツダ・ミアータ ばっかり停まっています。

ミアータばっかり数台いるので、うちで働いてくれてるカーキチの Gary さんに聞きました。

「ぁぁ、今度のお隣さんは ミアータのワンメイクなカスタムショップらしいよ」


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  1. First of all, thank you for introducing Cars in San Mateo several times before, I appreciate it. If my memory serves me right, BMW cars are almost always featured in each article, which as a bimmer enthusiast, makes me quite happy (not joking, I'm serious).

    It's amazing to hear that there's such a diverse array of cars parked within a few minutes' walk from your home... and as you say, it seems like there are plenty of "weird cars" parked there too. In Japan (at least here in Okayama), I don't see such a variety of cars parked around (excluding my car?). If I ever have the chance to visit your home, I definitely want to spend a day on a "weird car observation tour" near your place (lol).

    First, about the frozen red car, I pride myself on knowing quite a bit about BMWs, but when it comes to other brands, my knowledge is limited, so I'm not entirely sure what brand this car is. At first glance, I thought it might be a Lamborghini, but from your description that "there's definitely no engine in the front of this car," it seems like the engine is rear-mounted, right? Ah, in that case, they intentionally show the engine through the rear window. I see, it does seem like only Lamborghini, yet sometimes Ferrari, would do something like that (lol).

    As you pointed out, I also speculate that they're using carbon fiber for lightweighting, but with BMWs, while they use carbon roofs, I don't think they use them in the front of the car body, so if it's for lightweighting, it does seem kind of half-hearted. At least, my "Jet Black Kurosuke," as you know, has a carbon core structure, aimed at maximizing lightweighting. Of course, I don't feel the benefits of that in my everyday driving (lol).