Saturday, September 28, 2019


けさ ぬこが しにますた
すこし へこんでいます

レスや更新がおくれます  ごめんなさい


  1. みなさま、お言葉ありがとうございます。
    いま、ひとりきりになって愛情独り占めの ちーちゃん が異様に元気いっぱい。(苦笑)

    でも次の ぬこ... 僕たちより長生きしそう。(汗) 遺産を残さないとダメかも。

  2. obaKoba-sann,

    Why does the misfortune of a beloved ache unusually ?
    A lot of people share a passionate devotion and relation with their animal friends.
    A pet is not only a pet but preferably an adored part of their house, bearing friendship, celebration and great happiness to their lives.

    A pet can keep you energetic and cordial, assist you to beat disappointments, and even add a meaning or aim to your life.
    Thus, it is quite normal to feel demolished by sensations of mental sufferings and unhappiness when a pet passes away.

    I know you’re a cat person (like Freddie Mercury who loved and treated his cats as if they’d been his own children) and also know you sometimes check the ‘cat souvenir’ when you trip to some places.

    It’s up to you whether you consider getting another pet at an earlier stage.
    As you mentioned in your comment, seniors (including you and me ?) also need to consider their own health and life expectancy when deciding on a new pet (lol).

    Anyway, cheer up !

    Yamada denki

    1. Yamada Denki sensei,

      Thank you for the touching words. Honestly appreciated.

      We could only share 2 years with Benjamin Buttons (B.B.) but I believe he had a good life with us. He always occupies my lap and tummy to be cuddled… now Chi-chan becomes a happy camper because he seized back his territories. However, Chi-chan’s happy period ends soon. Once my better-half returned from China next month, I am quite sure we will be visiting the cat shelter and adopt one or two babies. But again, if we adopt kittens, they might be live longer than us which can be a tragedy to those poor babies.

      And thanks for the info. I didn’t know Mr. Freddie Mercury was a cat person. I expected Freddie ‘himself’ would be a ‘cat person’ though. (lol)

      Anyhow, I’m recovering from the sad situation but now it’s too easy to take care of the rest of kitty, Chi-chan, because he doesn’t eat wet foods, and brushing his coat is not necessary. He’s a very low maintenance cat. …and I am a bit bored about it.