Saturday, January 20, 2018

Singapore 2018 Jan (4)






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  1. obaKoba-sann,

    The durian is believed by a lot of folks in Southeast Asia in the way that the Ruler of Fruits, isn’t it ?

    I know some people including you judge the fruit as enduring a charmingly delicious and pleasant odor, although the reminder detects the distinctive smell beating with a bad scent.
    The flavor may induce responses from very far acknowledgment as you posted to severe antipathy, and has been explained diversely as disgusting uncooked garbage.
    The perseverance of its scent might continue for a few days and has brought to its removal from some places where one pays for accommodation and civil transportations in some countries.
    By comparison, some people call its odor as an abundant pudding which is deeply spiced with almonds.

    What a mysterious fruit the durian is !...I’m ashamed not to have tried the fruit in my life before…

    best denki

    1. Best Denki sensei,

      Certainly durian is the king of fruits for Southeastern Asians. When I visited Indonesia, I saw the statures of durians here and there. It looks like as if it were a kinda cult religious monuments....

      Basically and generally saying, durian is stinky for the people who wasn’t raised up with this civilization. But once became okay with this distinctive smell, it is a good sign to find a durian shop. It is somewhat similar to Unagi Kabayaki restaurants in japan, the smell attracts the people near by and capturing. ....mmm, it sounds like insects catching plants. (Lol)

      You must try at least once on your lifetime, and judge by yourself. That is the only way whether it is for you or not. ;)