Thursday, October 26, 2017

Generate revenues whatever if it's sellable...

いま(2017年10月25日1400hrs PT),ユナイテッド航空からメールが届きました。

Nostalgia is priceless... なんかマスターカードからパクってきたような売り文句。w


シートはあるだろうな,と思っていたので驚きは少ないのですが.... 機体番号,機体に描かれていた逆さまの国旗,そして窓まで。なんか,えげつないよね。引退した機材はネバダの砂漠にある「旅客機の墓場」へ行くか,東南アジアやアフリカのLCCへ売りさばくと思っていたけど... ジャンボジェットだから買い手がつかなかったんでしょうねぇ。個人的には長いことNRT←→SFO線でお世話になった機材だけに,切り刻まれるのが可愛そうです。

でも,窓... ちょっとだけ欲しくなったのは秘密です。(笑)


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    Nostalgia is an emotional strong desire or daydreaming fondness for the time gone by, usually for an extent of time or location with satisfied private mental connections.

    Being retired iconic UA’s B744s might induce sensations of nostalgia to you.

    We can't bring youth of the body back, however we can bring mental state and
    specific thing remembered back.
    Great happiness such as authentic hardware from the famed Queen of the Sk
    ies may be the time machine to take you all back!

    Bit items will be available for the VIP ( including you ! ) starting $65 and for the general starting $45, of course I’m not sure…lol

    best denki

    1. Howdy Best Denki sensei,

      Talking about nostalgia, I really miss the tulip logo-mark of United as well as their breathtaking services which are phenomenal sometimes, both good and bad. Now I feel those are ‘homogenized’ by Continental’s management…

      In regards to the emotions for Boeing 747 by United, my honest feeling is not so pessimistic because the new 787 aircrafts are so good. No wonder those are partially Japanese like me. (LOL)

      Do you seriously keen to purchase a piece of cr*p for your good/bad memories by United?? Sorry, not for me but I am always looking for a blight future. Otherwise I will have to commit suicide because I have already sold my soul to United Airlines, achieving 3 million mile flyer and the beyond.

      If you really wish to get a piece of j*nk, please let me know. I will try bidding and get one for ya. ;))

      p.s. Thanks again for your suggestions about the med. I will try it until December and if it didn’t work well, I will switch to the ‘nostalgic’ one which was primarily recommended from both of doctors. (LOL)