Tuesday, September 27, 2016

p.s. BusinessFirst® Meal Service

もう順番が滅茶苦茶ですが,p.s.便の BusinessFirst® で供されるあさごはんです。


メインはキッシュ,ワッフル,シリアル&バナナの3種から選択。BusinessFirst®の最前列6Jに座っていましたが,聞かれる前に My 1st choice is Quiche, 2nd choice would be Waffles, if needed. とか伝えたら,Sir, we don't ask 2nd choice for Two Million flyers...って恐縮されました。よく見たら手元にPAX一覧のプリントアウト持ってるじゃん。(苦笑)

キッシュも食べてるし。(汗) 美味しさは... どっこいどっこいかなぁ。つまりUAが想定外に良かった。

ちなみにこのp.s.便はB757-200ではなくB777-222国際線機材での運行なので Global First(sm) があるp.s.便でしたが,盗み観ている限りではミールサービスはおんなじでした。


  1. フルーツが先?なんですねえ。そんでもって、ちゃんとお客さんの名簿で確認してるんだ。そりゃ、サービスの対応としてはちゃんとしてるわけね、差別。こゆ、御朝食もええですねえ。

    1. あさごはん... p.s.便に限っては2回に分けて持ってきます。ワシントン・ダレス行きだといっぺんに出てきますし,メインの選択肢が2つになって,いちばん良さげなのが消え失せます。(笑) 搭乗時間が同じなのに,なぜかニューヨーク(ニューワークw)行きだけは特別扱い。RPUというアップグレードクーポンを使わなければ,単なる1K2MMはBusinessFirst®には座れませんから,ちょっとだけ価値はあるかも?でも国際線機材を選んで乗ってるからあんまり差がわからない...(怒)

  2. obaKoba-sann,

    I checked about the United BusinessFirst adventure on p.s. shuttles.

    They are honored to take part with The Trotter Project to steadily modernize and make their onboard feeding better.
    The Trotter Project asks cooks socially from across the world to join the United dietary group in a continuous cooperation to take fresh, stimulated list alternatives to their journey.

    I think UA's efforts to improve their flights are great.

    best denki

    1. Best-denki sensei,

      The trotter Project has been launched by UA Chicago teams with Charlie's apprentices. However, because the true headquarter of United is in Houston since ex-Continental people lead the company, it's not broadly introduced. In fact, I don't encounter Trotter Project menus so far even I fly over 160K miles this year, mostly in United First® or BusinessFirst®...

      Simultaneously and eventually, United's Global First(sm) and BusinessFirst® will be burnishing and United Polaris Class will be installed... I just received the introduction email this morning. On those teasers the new products always look better, then pretty much disappointing by actual.
      Delta has already introduced and launched the Delta One® but I didn't choose it for my award flights. On FT, they say United's marketing team is the easiest business position because they simply follow whatever Delta does. (lol)

      United spends their efforts and endeavors but the actual result is always disappointing. I don't expect too much on Polaris so that I don't have to be disappointed either. ;)