Friday, June 3, 2016

2016Mar.Barcelona 3 - United Club EWR (near 90)

I killed my time at United Club near C90 gate.
It's located on mezzanine level and I have carry-on roller bag, so I took elevator to upstairs.

Reception looks like this.
This shot is a miracle. Usually, people making line in front of the receptionists and some of them are even declined entering this poor lounge.

The inside of the "poor lounge" looks like this.
The place is weirdly ring-shaped, and the upholstery is old and tired, not enough AC power outlets, etc... this place really needs renovation.

Bar corner is a zoo.
Bunch of animals are begging alcoholic beverages... even waiting for a vacancy? ugly.

The center of the lounge is an atrium, the downstairs looks like this...
This place used to be a food court but now it's a shop selling worthless cr@p... pity. All the restaurants in Terminal 3 have been replaced with strange, iPad equipped, overpriced but serving average-taste meals. Bad modification, IMHO.

Snacks are the same. Trail mix and chocolate crunches are shown.
Otherwise, guests can enjoy lukewarm and oxidized soup, if lounge staffs are working right and refill it, but it's empty quite often.

The zookeepers don't forget refill some fruits for gorillas, rabbits, gerbils or mice visiting around...
Banana is okay but otherwise are considering the cleanliness, as always. Some of United Lounges wrap them up.

So, I stopped by here because nature called me, then took several pictures for blog, left and heading to the departure gate.
There is another, larger United Club close to gate 120 but no significant difference of the qualities & services. I'm glad I don't pay annual fee personally. (My bank buys it for me, and free entrance as lifetime Premier Platinum for international travel anyway.)

From the concourse, the outside is after sunset, getting darker...
The closest airplane, Boeing 737-800? has modified winglets.
I was slowly walking to gate C110 where UA120 to BCN departs.


  1. 階下のお店の雰囲気が随分と変わった?

  2. obaKoba-sann,

    Is the opportunity of the shot a wonderful and surprising event?
    I know people are consistently creating line in front of the agents and a few of them are even said no to get in the lounge.

    Is the bar corner a zoo? (lol)
    I’m sure it looks like a parklike area in where animals are housed for exhibition, and a lot of them seem to request eagerly not bananas but alcoholic beverages...

    best denki