Wednesday, November 8, 2023

MileagePlus 2025


Premier qualification: No surprises for 2024
プレミア資格要件: 2024 もサプライズ無し

…ということで、以前告知していたように、必要 PQP / PQF は据え置きです。

しかも、PQP の獲得が少し楽になる場合があるようです。

年度初めのキックスタート PQP も配給されますが、こちらは去年の半分だけです。

現在手持ちの PlusPoints の有効期限を6ヶ月延長してくれるそうです。
このままだと 100 PlusPoints 以上が期限切れになるところだったので、これは朗報。

あとは米国在住で Chase MileagePlus Visa を所有している方には、朗報が。
500ドル使うごとに 25 PQP と、小刻みにエリート資格ポイントが稼げます。
年間 15,000 PQP までの上限も撤廃されるようで、プレミア・プラチナまではカードで稼げるかも?



  1. Your message introduces an update regarding the United Airlines MileagePlus program for the year 2024, referred to as "MileagePlus 2025".

    A United Airlines email titled "Premier qualification: No surprises for 2024" indicates that the requirements for achieving Premier status (PQP and PQF) remain unchanged as previously announced. This consistency and predictability are important for frequent flyers aiming for Premier status.

    Though it may not concern you anymore, checking the presented United Airlines webpage reveals that United will provide automatic PQP deposits for current Premier members in 2024, based on their status level as of February 1, 2024, varying from 250 PQP for Premier Silver to 1,250 PQP for Premier 1K. This appears to be a loyalty reward, significantly easing the path to maintaining or upgrading status.

    The program introduces changes to make earning PQP easier, especially through United MileagePlus credit cards issued by Chase. Notably, the removal of the annual 15,000 PQP cap earned from eligible spending on these cards is a significant change. This allows high spenders to achieve higher status solely through card spending, a positive development for cardholders, enhancing the card's value.

    Extending the expiration of PlusPoints by six months is a welcome relief for those with unused PlusPoints, preventing expiration and enhancing their value.

    In your message, you mention that for people residing in the USA and holding a Chase MileagePlus Visa, earning 25 PQP for every $500 spent is good news. This change makes it realistic for cardholders to achieve Premier Platinum status solely through card spending.

    Overall, the tone of your message is informative, not only conveying information in relation to your own situation but also ending with words of encouragement, urging fellow enthusiasts to make the most of these changes.

    In my personal opinion, these changes reflect United Airlines' efforts to maintain loyalty among frequent flyers amidst ongoing global challenges. Specifically, reducing the effort required to achieve and maintain Premier status not only motivates travelers but also takes into account the current challenging circumstances of airline operations.

    1. Yamada-Denki sensei,

      The significant differences between MileagePlus and year are….
      1) Delta ended counting flight segments, just MQD = how much spent.
      2) Delta’s elite status thresholds are still quite high.
      If my home airport is, say LAX, and my elite statuses are equivalent, I would churn SkyPesos and move to MileagePlus.

      Now there are is no max cap for earning PQP by Chase credit cards. However, here is a trick. Each MileagePlus credit card still has max limit of earning PQPs. United Club visa can earn up to 10,000 PQP/yr, then MP Quest card can earn 6,000 (5,000?) PQPs/yr, etc. unless otherwise if you have MP business cards, you cannot receive over 15,000 or 16,000 PQPs anyway. Plus you’ll have to pay annual membership fees. Furthermore, credit card PQPs are not eligible for clearing elite status thresholds without sufficient PQFs. United doesn’t open “back doors” after all.

  2. Thank you for explaining the differences between United Airlines' MileagePlus program and Delta Airlines' SkyMiles program (colloquially known as "SkyPesos").

    Delta Airlines has shifted to a system where elite status is determined solely based on MQD, rather than the number of flight segments. Moreover, the requirements to achieve Delta's elite status remain high, which could be seen as a significant drawback for Delta's frequent flyers.

    On the other hand, United's MileagePlus program has undergone changes, notably the removal of the cap on PQP that can be earned through Chase credit cards. However, there seems a "trick" to this. Each MileagePlus credit card has a maximum limit on the PQP that can be earned. For instance, the United Club Visa card allows a maximum of 10,000 PQP per year, the MP Quest card up to 6,000 (or 5,000) PQP, and if I have a MileagePlus business card, I cannot exceed 15,000 or 16,000 PQP annually. Additionally, PQP earned via credit cards cannot be used to clear the elite status threshold without an appropriate number of PQF, which confirms your observation that United does not have a "backdoor entry" or "loophole" in this regard.

    If I were a frequent user of LAX and a customer of Delta, I might consider switching from SkyMiles to MileagePlus, given these differences. Especially for individual customers, if Delta continues without considering the distinctions with United's program, such customers might need to devise new strategies.