Sunday, May 29, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 24 - Turkish 1587 IST-FRA

Istanbul Ataturk airport is not too big, but sometimes long walk to certain gates. Gate 212 was not too far but not too close. It was relatively further from the lounge unfortunately.
Boarding priorities are a bit simpler than United. Business class, Elite Plus and Elite member of Miles & Smiles (that's the name of TK's FFP!) Star Alliance Gold as well as handicapped & passengers with small kids. Then Group A to D.

...and it was foggy again.
I was wondering the delay, but departure wasn't much affected by this heavy fog.

Big LCD panel is located in front of the jetway like this.
The display was showing the flight was on time... but FRA is chilly!

Because of the *G print on the boarding pass is tiny, I showed my 1K2MM plastic card and boarded early.
The equipment was surprisingly a big one, Airbus 340-300 heavy. ('heavy' means the aircraft has two aisles)

Inbound was Turkish flag red, now the seats are in Turquoise blue...
Both are somewhat sensational colors as airplane seats, but I like this one bertter, probably because it's new and clean.

Again, menu has been provided even for the main cabin beggars.
No meal choice for breakfast time flight unless otherwise you notice to TK 24 hrs prior to departure.

However, this meal is okay for most of passengers except vegans or strict Jainism.
Scrambled eggs are tasty with baked tomato, hot ekimek (bread) with cherry jelly and butter, cheese + olive + cucumber are typical Turkish breakfast. And the orange juice is a real, homemade, freshly squeezed navel oranges.

Because I already had some at the airport lounge, the portion of this meal was just right.
Got a coffee as a finish. Later on, another beverage service was held about an hour prior to arrival.

Arrived Frankfurt B gates. Then, I had to walk around the dungeon to Z gates, where is located above A gates...
On B gates, most of Star Alliance partners are being spotted. However the flights to United States are the exceptions because of extra security...

Now I could see the tail of United.
That one is Boeing 747-400, supposedly the UA59 going to SFO. Other equipments to/from U.S. cities are Boeing 777-200.
I rushed to the departure gate and looked for my "Goddess of FRA."


  1. obaKoba-sann,

    I was completely beaten by TK on the aviation between IST/FRA.
    They’ve earnestly carried out providing a suitable refreshment on the route, with an adequate extent of drinks available.
    Moreover, is the orange juice genuine, handmade, newly crushed?
    I’ve never seen or heard of such an excellent orange juice in economy class excluding TK!

    And they manage to serve the A340-300 on IST/FRA route which I don’t regard as long-haul one effortlessly, right?
    How fantastic are the flight and TK!

    best denki

  2. ターコイズブルーの鮮やかな座席、目が覚めるようです。こうやって見ると随分と一杯に見えますねえ。

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