Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016Feb.Istanbul 1 - Centurion Lounge SFO

It is funny I'm in Istanbul now, then I'm posting the pictures when I traveled Istanbul last February, 2016.

First off, as always, I stopped by The Centurion Lounge by American Express at SFO. The receptionists in early morning remember my name, which is a bit scary...
In my humble opinion, This is the best lounge at SFO. Even Singapore Airline's Silver Kris can't beat here.

It really depends on the timing, but this was relatively early morning hence the venue was less clouded.
This area is just after the check-in at the reception. Variety of coffee and tea are offered.

If we need some munchies, then the snack corner serves good quality of meals.
This is the dining area. After 7 am, this place will be filled with hungry people like "five loaves and two fish" are being served for homeless-san, however the people here have deeper pockets; they are basically carrying high-heeled Platinum or Centurion cards. Nevertheless, their behavior would be somewhat similar to beggars...

Well, I'm not an exception. (LoL) I did the same, grabbed this much of complementary foods and drinks.
French toast was featured in this morning, and mushroom quiche as well. I also got two turkey sausages, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, OJ and cappuccino. Don't even think about the calories!

Considering the quality of these meals, it's even better than the breakfasts served other restaurants in Terminal 3 or International Terminal at SFO. It's free and yummy. Since Amex opened Centurion Lounge at SFO, I feel my annual fee for the Platinum Card is well recouped.  Thanks to American Express! Now I need Centurion Lounges in Washington Dulles, Newark, Houston, Frankfurt and Tokyo Narita, please!

After stopping by the lounge, I was heading to the T3F gate for boarding...


  1. 英文がよく判らなくても、なんとなく雰囲気で承知してしまう私・・・学生時代にちゃんとお勉強しておけば・・・なんてことは今さら・・・高校の時の先生が良くなかった・・・と人のせいにしておこう。だって、その先生の単位落としても、他の先生があわれに思ってくれて、仮進級で済ませてくれて、追加の授業も一時間だけ受けて、結局卒業させてくれたもんな。遠い目・・・

    1. atsu ai san,

      僕の場合は中学で優等生でしたが、高校生の頃は受験英語で何の役にも立っていません。T学園での第二英語 by Y田先生♀の授業は、もっと身に付けておけば良かったと思います。今ではS.A.博士に植物学や花卉育種の説明ができずイライラしています。

      みんなさすがに Google にはユーザー登録してあると思って、要グーグルログインで設定させていただきました。これならあのアメブロでウザい糞コメを書き込まれずに済みます♪

  2. obaKoba-sann,

    I’m surprised to know that there’re so much astonishing food, considerable drink service, appropriate seating and a wide range of amenities to serve your every need while you wait for your flight.

    You've gotten used to flying lounge and this might be the best lounge you've been too in SFO, as you mention.

    I’m sure this lounge is great space to get away from the airport, and you don't even feel like you are in the airport, do you?
    The SFO Centurion Lounge must be a wonderful alternative to kill time if you are stranded at the airport for an extended stopover or just want a quick drink before your next flight.

    best denki

    1. Best dentist sensei,

      As per it'll be shown soon, I was invited to the Global First class lounge in IAD. Even compare to that one, Amex' Centurion Lounge is better, the meal quality, mixologists (a.k.a. bartenders) introduce special cocktails at free of charge, cleanliness everywhere and friendly receptionists. GlobalFirst lounge at SFO is not too shabby but it does have worth detouring to the Centurion Lounge to spend your time for a good start of your journey. :)

      I seriously looking forward American Express enhances the locations of their lounges world wide, as well as the ones in hub airports of United Airlines.